Change of Address - Indian Passport Renewal

Hi Anil,

Hope all is well with you.

I’m applying for my Indian passport renewal from USA. Could you please help me with the questions that I have while filling the application form?

  1. I’m recently married. Is it mandatory to include spouse name in the passport? If so, do I need to provide both marriage certificate and my spouse passport as supporting documents?

  2. I would like to keep my same Indian address to be the printable address. However, my district recently changed. The address is still the same. Do I need to opt for address change?

  3. Also, there is a typo in my current passport for pincode (Indian address). One digit is incorrect (5XXXX0 instead of 5XXXX1). I have correct pin code in my Aadhar card. Do I need to opt for address change, and provide Aadhar card as supporting document?

  4. Is it mandatory to provide Indian address proof even though if I select for no address change?

Thank you.