Change of Address Request AR-11 Denied while H1B Extension Approved


I moved within town and immediately filled my AR-11 online with the case #. This was done while H1B extension decision was under review. After a couple of days, the H1B was approved while the AR-11 (request to change address) was denied. Is this of concern and do I need to send out physical copies of the AR-11?


Did they provide any reason for the AR-11 denial?

I have never heard of AR-11 being denied before. This is new to me.

Perhaps, denial is the wrong word. The reply says "USCIS received your change of address request, but we are unable to honor your request. USCIS records do not indicate that you are authorized to access information related to this case. "


I spoke with a colleague who apparently had the same error a few years ago. If an H1B decision is pending, the AR-11 can be filed online without entering the case # details. Since the petition is filed by the attorney on behalf of the employer, there will be a mismatch in credentials when the employee fills out the form and the address change will be incomplete.

Thanks for responding quickly.

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