Change of appearance for renewing Indian passport in US in Tatkal mode

Hi Anil,

I am planning to renew my Indian passport in US in Tatkal mode. As I am checking from the site it’s not acceptable for Change of appearance. I haven’t gone through any significant change in my appearance but over 10yrs due to age my face might show little grown up.

Are they very strict on this kind of verification?


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Change of appearance form is required for everyone who is renewing passport after 10 years.

Everyone ages and appearance does change even though you do not realize it.

You can use this web app to generate a change of appearance form.

Thanks for the reply. Actually I wanted to apply if in Tatkal. I am reading from site that I cannot apply for it if there’s a Change of Appearance. So, I am keeping it as No Change Of Appearance. But, I’ll fill up the Change Of Appearance form and notarize it. I was trying to validate if they really compare the my current picture and old picture in passport? And any chance of rejection due to that?

That case I have make it Yes for Change of Appearance and won’t be able to apply in Tatkal as per my understanding. Please clarify.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the long statement. Hope I am clear.

I don’t know if they really compare the two pictures by looking at them or any other way. There is no official information available for it as far as i know.

You can take your chances.

Hi Iraban,

I was wondering the same thing, did you submit your passport renewal through tatkal processing with the Change of appearance and signature affidavit?

Thanks in advance!

hi Sreedevi,

did you get any reply… i have same questions so incase if you have any update please let me know

Hi Sathiyaraja,

I haven’t gotten any clarification from the consulate or VFS about my tatkal application. I did receive a response from SFO consulate to my question that asks me to follow the process already available online, and that I should contact VFS with any other specifics. I did send my documents to VFS and received an acknowledgment of receipt stating I am missing “1.OTHER” document in my application packet. I haven’t heard back from them about which document I am missing exactly. They don’t confirm that my application has been accepted for tatkal processing.

I am getting the message that “You application is under process at the VFS Centre” when I try to track my application (it works when you use the “Govt Reference Number” NOT the VFS reference number.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Sreedevi,
Thanks for the update !

incase if you received any update from VFS please let me know .



I missed the signature affidavit (which they asked for) and I sent it through USPS and the status still says : You application is under process at the VFS Centre. Fingers crossed. Will keep this thread updated when I have the latest. Mine is a tatkaal passport renewal as well

Same, keep us posted!

I did not even miss the affidavit. But they say that they do not have it. Mine is takaal renewal as well. In any case I am ready to resend the documents. Can you let me know how you attached the documents that you sent with the application ?

I believe you are talking about the documents I missed, then I sent it through USPS priority mail and they received it the next day. With the document i added a blank page with information on it like my govt and vfs reference number and my passport number and my name. So that they know which case, this document is for.
Update : My tatkaal application now shows :

Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy

and at the same time i received an email for this update as well.

Thanks @Rohan_Gadiya, I sent my missing document to VFS at SFO but haven’t heard back from them. How long after they received the missing document did they update status/email you?

After 2-3 business days, once they received the package. I tried contacting the VFS customer support over email (as they dont have a phone) and didn’t get much help !

Received my passport. They did a police verification as well, possibly because my foreign address changed. But I’ve heard that they don’t stop issuing of the passport because of police verification.

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Hi Iraban,
Were there any issues with tatkaal processing if you opted for no change in appearance?


Hi Irban,

I have the same query regarding Change in Apperance and application for Tatkal? Could you please update what was the final result for you? Were you able to get the passport under Tatkal with checking off No Change in Apperance?



I need to apply my passport renewal in tatkal.

Please let me know, Will it create any problem passport under Tatkal with checking off No Change in Apperance?

Hi, could someone please update what the result was with applying for tatkal with no change in appearance?

As per what I see here: Change of Appearance in Indian passport - Musafir

The ‘Change of Appearance’ in passport is applicable if any of these circumstances are true for you:

  • Turning from Infant to Child
  • Becoming adult from Child
  • Non-Turban to Turban
  • Non-Beard to Beard
  • Beard to Non-Beard
  • Turban to Non-Turban