Change of L1B visa to H4 and H4 EAD

My wife has a L1B VISA and I am on H1B VISA with approved I-140. As her current employer is not planning to extend visa. I am planning to switch her to H4(COS) and H4 EAD visa so she can continue to work after H4 EAD is approved. I have below concerns:

  1. If I file H4(COS) and H4 EAD together will it take less time to get H4 EAD after H4 is approved?
  2. After applying for H4(COS) and H4EAD can she travel to india and work in india. And come back to USA after approval of H4EAD

Adding further details: L1B expires in Feb2025
I140 approval in Nov 2024
So She will apply H4(COS) and H4EAD in Nov2024 and then she can travel to India?

Appreciate any suggestions and responses
Thanks in Advance.

Please reply @anil_am22 , @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Travel While H4 EAD is Pending is allowed. Pending H4 extension or COS may be abandoned, H4 EAD may receive RFE to prove H4 status by sending new i94.

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So how many days it would take to change from L1B to H4(COS)?
We can give future date for this H4 (COS) change?
How many months far can we set that future date?

Please Suggest @anil_am22

You van request a future start date. I don’t know if there is any restrictions on how far you can in future.

Offcourse, you can’t go beyond H1B validity date :slight_smile: