Change of status from L2 to H4 with EAD

Hello Anil,
I am currently on L2 EAD.
My spouse’s H1B lottery got picked this year 2020.
His employer is willing to apply for premium processing for his H1B petition this June and apply for my H4 and H4EAD along with his H1B

Lets say my spouse gets his H1B approved in July.
In that case COS to H4 will be applicable only from October 2020 so does that mean my H4EAD processing can start only from October 2020 and I will have to wait 4-6 months starting October 2020 for my H4EAD?
Or will I have to wait for my H4EAD 4-6 months starting from July?

It is possible that H4 EAD gets approved earlier than Oct 2020 but the start date will be matched to H1B and H4.

You may get lucky if it happens but there is no guarantee.

Hi ANil,
Is there any way to get my H4 and H4 EAD approved before October 2020 so that I dont have to have any gap in work?

Hi ANil,
Will this strategy work for getting my approvals faster?
What are your thoughts?

I have already shared my thoughts. Your case is a change of status case and not H4 extension.

Both are different scenarios. The article is H4 extension and EAD.

Hi Anil,

Any help with my situation below is highly appreciated.

I am currently working on L2 EAD expiring Jun 2021 and have an approved i140. My spouse will be moving to H1B from L1 and as per information available online, H4 EAD can only be filed after returning back to US with H1 and H4 visa activated. So, is there a way I can avoid a gap in my L2 TO H4 EAD transfer?


Hi @Shweta94

Please read above discussion.


Can anyone please let me know how long it can take to get H4 visa approved? My status is changing from L2 to H4, and my H4 and H4 EAD has been filed by my spouse’s employer. I have my L2 EAD valid till 2022.

Hi Aneesha,

I am in a similar situation. Did you get get H4 and H4EAD approved?


Hi Aneesha, did you get both approved?


Hi Anil, mine is also similar situation with concurrent filing of L to H. H1 got approved as it’s premium in concurrent filing, but H4 and H4EAD no update. Haven’t even yet received biometrics appt. Is there any to get H4 and H4EAD faster? My job is at risk now because of this.
Please advice


Biometric is not even done

Thanks for the update. Me too in the similar situation :frowning:

Did anyone get their biometric appointment and when was your H4 filed?

Hi Anil.

Hope Your Doing Good.

I have applied my Change of Status from L1B to H4 on APR 1st 2020 ( My Spouse H1 Approved on March 6th) and my Biometric was Completed Sep27th and after that No Status on my case and my L1B got Expired on Aug 21st from Aug 21st i was in LOB (Not getting any salary and my company said you will join back once your H4 / EAD approved , on Nov 24th I called the USCIS and Requested the Expedite process (only My H4 visa and not included the EAD (Since EAD date already passed and Nov 30th I got the Email from USCIS for Requested Evidence Documents for Expedite process same 1st Dec i submitted the documents and Today 11th Dec i got the email and status changed for Expedite Request Approved - Can you Pls help me to advise after this Approval how long will take for h4 visa Approval and after Visa approved how long will take for EAD approved, can i get my Both Approval before t25th Dec??


Hi Bharathi, I am in a very similar situation. Did you get your approval?