Change place of birth in passport

I want to get my place of birth changed in passport to reflect my birth certificate.
I applied for a passport re-issue and I got back a reply that I need an Pre-Approval from CGISFO.
Does anyone have experience getting a pre-approval from San Francisco CGI?

I didn’t receive any mail from CGISFO after so many times I hv send them so finally Vfs send me a incomplete application and deducted my fees and still I m waiting for their reply

Ohh I am really sorry to know that.
Did VFS mail back your passport? or you have to collect that from consulate?
When is the last time you emailed them and which email id? (passport.SF?)

So VFS mailed all my documents and original passport.

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Ohh I am really sorry to know that.
Did VFS mail back your passport? or you have to collect that from consulate?
When is the last time you emailed them and which email id? (passport.SF?)

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So VFS mailed all my documents and original passport.

Recently mailed them on 7 th sep

It’s d same mail I’d

Hi did you get any reply from them yet?

Nope, I mailed them on Sep 21st

Hi @ChinniKrishna_Kothap
I am also in the same boat. I have mailed my application documents for Change of Place of Birth on 9/22/2022 to VFS San Francisco. I have received an email today with the following message.


We have “Received” your Application however we are unable to proceed with the application due to the following reasons:

  1. Additional documents : • Change of POB requires PRE-APPROVAL FROM CGISFO (

I did not know that a pre approval was required. I just noticed the following text in the VFS checklist for re-issue of passport. I wish I had seen this earlier. Anyhow, So any idea what is the process to get the pre approval? Is that as simple as sending an email to ?

A court order issued by a judicial officer, not below the rank of 1st Class Magistrate in India OR a
Competent Authority (issues an amendment or correction in the date/place of birth of the
applicant. The Competent Authority issuing the amending order should be the same authority
whose certification was submitted at the time of the issue of the original passport. The
Competent Authority in such cases can be Municipal Authorities (for date/place of birth and
Educational Board Authority (for date of birth). Birth Certificate issued by Government/Municipal

Here are the instructions I got

  1. Fill the questionnaire for change of place of birth or date of birth. Sign and date the form
  2. Do a self-attested birth certificate
  3. Send the completed questionnaire, requested documents and birth certificate as scans to

Sorry I was unable to upload the word document, can only paste a picture.

Great. Thanks for the instructions and the questionnaire document. I will try these. So, Assuming you have got the approval, when you have sent questionnaire with supporting documents, how long did it take for you to get the approval?

Note: I have already sent a plain email (I mean just a simple email with few supporting documents like first ever passport, latest DOB certificate etc.) to ‘’ on 10/2/2022, but did not see any response so far. I will now try with the questionnaire document you have sent.

I also received the same query on my mom’s passport renewal. can you someone hlep me, how long does this approval take to come back?

I have sent email to them asking for process to get pre approval. What is lead timd for them to respond? also let me know what you did after send all required documents and answered their queries?

I have sent multiple emails to ‘’ and cced Consulate general, deputy etc. But, I have never received a response. So, I got frustrated and gave up.

hello @VijayBabu , you got any response.I am in a similar situation, got inquiry from VFS to submit approval letter from CGISFO for birth date update. I have sent 21st and sent couple of followup emails. But after 7 days there is no response. What is your current update?

I filled the above form and sent them along with a self-attested birth certificate. I went to SF mission after a week, it got approved immediately after that.