Changing h1b stamping interview appointment to drop box after 48 months rule

I had booked h1b visa in person interview appointment as during that time 24 months rule was there for interview waiver program. Now, since 48 months rule came back, I am eligible for dropbox as my visa got expired in Dec 2017.

Please suggest how should I change from in person interview to dropbox now? Should I cancel current interview appointment first and then start over?

Please help.

You have to check with usatraveldocs website administrator to see if they will allow changing the interview appointment to dropbox.

I am not sure if their website allows it or not.

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Thank you Anil for the answer. I wanted to check if I need to cancel current interview appointment first and then start over to dropbox appointment for me and dependents? And can I use the same MRV receipts as being unused?

There’s no clear cut guidance available on if one can cancel already scheduled appointment to go for dropbox.

There’s a limit on number of times you can reschedule your appointments with same MRV. Also, cancelling the appointment can prolong it as next slot may/may not be available for the same day/date (in case you cancelled and they denied you dropbox option).

As Anil mentioned, it’s better to reach out to usatraveldocs and explain them your case. They are your best bet.

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Thank you Pankaj for your reply. I would definitely check with usa travel docs adminstrator to provide help of next step. Once I get their response, would post here, so that others can also benefit

Hello Anil & Pankaj Diwedy,

Below is the answer I received from US travel docs administrator. They have asked me to cancel my existing consular appointment and start fresh as drop box appointment.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.

We understand that you want to know if you would be qualified for the interview waiver and have query regarding the same.

In response to your question, we would like to inform you that repeat travelers to the United States may, under some circumstances, renew their visas without appearing at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate for an interview, under interview waiver if you meet all the eligibility criteria.

Please follow the link: to know about the interview waiver, check the eligibility criteria, as we will not be able to comment if you would qualify for the same.

Also, we would like to inform you that as per our record you have scheduled your appointment on the following dates:

  1. Consulate Appointment: <Place & Date/Time>
  2. Visa Application Appointment: <Place & Date/Time>

Please be informed that applicants may use the same MRV fee receipt 5 times to schedule an appointment. The MRV fee receipt will become inactive after 5 uses.

Please note that if you do not qualify for the interview waiver then you may proceed with the appointments as scheduled as you will have to apply for a visa through the regular visa application process provided in the following link:

Further, if you qualify for the interview waiver then you may need to cancel your existing appointments.

Please note that, if you wish to cancel the appointment, you have to cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment at the Visa Application Center.

After cancelling the appointments we request you to provide the information that is true and with best of your knowledge on step 7, select the correct answer as per the eligibility criteria given.

You should arrive at exactly the time of your appointment; there is no provision to wait in and around the Embassy/Consulate area. Kindly follow the link: for information regarding Security Regulations.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

Please visit Customer Satisfaction Survey to share feedback on the services we provide.

U.S. Visa Service Desk.


Great news!

Thank you @visa_check for posting this update. Appreciate it!

All the best!

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I have also have converted my in person appointment to dropbox . H1B and H4 scheduled together . While doing that DS160 number of H4 was provided . In the appointment confirmation visa class requested is appearing as H1B . Nowhere H4 is given. Am I missing something ?

Today finally I could able to book dropbox appointment for Mumbai IW, I also checked the appointments for my dependents, it’s all are mentioned h1b only. I think @Diwedy or @anil_am22 can confirm here? In DS-160 dependents were mentioned h4, but appointments all showing h1b.

Have submitted the documents for dropbox today . The visa class mentioned in the appointment confirmation doesn’t matter . What’s given in DS160 is considered .


Thanks @Robert_John for the confirmation

Hi, Am going through the same process. Can you please explain what is Step 7 and how do I get there? Thanks for your help in advance!

Do I have to cancel my existing appointment in order to book visa waiver ?

@visa_check Hi, Saw your post. Can you please confirm that you cancelled the in-person appointment and then you were able to go back to step 7 and was able to change it to dropbox option using the same MVR number?

For me, its somehow showing as in-person interview even though i am eligible for dropbox. Seems like i did some mistake in step 7 questions.

Also, how did you contact UStravels admin. is there an email address?

@bhanu_garg - I am in the same situation as well. Did you hear any updates from anyone about your case ?

I got the direct interview as well even though I am eligible for Dropbox (H1B + H4 together ). I didnt gave an option for a dropbox when booked the appointment.

Hi @Ramkumar.P
Did you book visa interview appointment or drop box?

by mistake i booked interview appointment instead of dropbox . I am eligible for dropbox appointments.
Do we need cancel existing appointment then we see option to book drop box appointments ? any one tried this option. Please advise.