Changing job location after i 140 approved

In my h1b LCA, I have an office location and home office location listed. My PERM and I 140 was filed with my office location in it and it was approved with priority date in 2021.

Now, if I change my home office location(change my apartment) and the apartment is outside the MSA of previous 2 location(office+home office) location then I think a H1b amendment needs to be filed.

In this case, when switch home to a different MSA but my office location remains same(ALL IN 1 State):

  1. If the office location is constant(in a different MSA) and only home office address moves around(mostly in a different MSA). Distance between them could be more than 25 miles. Would h1b amendment would suffice?
  2. Do I need to restart the perm and 140 process?
  3. Any impact too approved PERM based on LCA? Anything I need to be concerned about?

Thank you!

If both locations are listed in the LCA/I-129, and one of them change (different MSA) then an amendment to H1B petition may be needed.

No, PERM is a future/green card job offer so no need to amend.



Thank you so much. A quick follow up on this:

If I my spouse has a f1 to h4 COS filed based on my current H1b and is pending with USCIS. In the meantime, if an H1b amendement is filed due to change of location.

  1. Do I need to re file I 539 f1 to h4 with my H1b amendement?
  2. Before filling h1b amendment, Does my employer need to know that I have filed f1 to h4 COS for my spouse?
  3. If I move in the same MSA area, I think only LCA posting is required. Would that require me to also refile I 539 (point 1)

Thank you.




Any kind of amendments to H1B do not impact dependent’s change of status application and there is no need to refile.

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If the office location is constant(in a different MSA) and only home office address moves around with in same MSA as previous apartment then is an H1b amendement required?

If both locations are mentioned in LCA, and one of them change but in same MSA, you can just post the LCA at new work site.

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