Chennai: 221g Blue Slip and returned passport with admin processing

Hi sir,

I have attended the Visa interview on 20th September in Chennai Consulate and 221g form has been issued for Administrative processing. Following are the details of the Interview…

Reached there at Counter 24 and wished her Good morning…
Me : Good Morning ! How are you doing today
VO : hey thanks, Good morning
VO : what is your designation in your assignment
Me: My designation is Mechanical engineer
VO : Since how long you are working with ABC Company.
Me: From the Last 4 Months Working with ABC Company. Joined in May 9th
VO : Where are you going to work in USA?
Me: I am going to work in Syracuse,Ny.
VO: are you going to work at client location ?
Me: Yes.I am going to work at client location. XYZ is our client and is situated in Syracuse, NY.
VO : what is your Annual salary ?
VO: what are you going to work there ?
Me : I Have explained about the details of my work
VO : what were your duties in your previous company.
Me : pretty much similar to the duties that I am involved in current company for XYZ client, But there in my previous company involved in refrigeration system development for, XXX for our Client DEF , Now in this involved in XXXXX system development for transport refrigeration.
VO: for food storage,right ?
Me : Yes
VO : Can I see your Client Letter ?
Me: Yes,Here it is [( I gave her the Client letter ( this is the same client letter that a part of my approved petition, she just looked for sec and kept it aside and took out a blue colour paper 221g, some case number entered and ticked at Admin Process and said ] I am keeping this for administration process. No need to worry about it, Once this process completes, you does not need to come for interview again, we will intimate you to drop the passport for stamping. This will take weeks time. [ And asked me ] Can I keep this client letter for my process ?
Me: Yes mam, Thank you ( and came out )

In between the interview, she has asked whether I am travelling alone?

I said ” For now I am travelling alone and my family will be joining later”

Case status [ with the Application ID ( case number indicated by them in the blue slip is not working )] still shows as Administrative processing

With the above, can you please put your thoughts and how long that need to wait for this

Hi @prabhakar

Have you received any email from embassy to fill form 5535 after your interview? or were you asked to fill any other form after interview?

I didn’t get any communication after my interview from embassy or they didn’t ask me fill any other form after the interview
what is this form 5535
is it the next step of getting this Form after the interview in admin process

Hi @prabhakar

It is good that you have not been asked to fill form DS 5535. It is a security check form and takes more time than normal form 221g.

I was just asking as many people are asked to fill 5535 and then the processing time varies.

You may have to wait for about 6-8 weeks as your passport has not been kept by embassy. Have patience and your application is still under process.

Hello Prabhakar,

I had the same experience today at the Chennai Consulate and I was issued 221g and the client letter was retained by the visa officer. Did you receive any update to submit your passport?

Hi @shriram0205, did you get any update to submit the passport. what’s the status of your case number.

I have my H1B extension interview today Dec 9 2019 in Chennai. Consular officer have retained my client and vendor letter and issued me a 221g form with second box checked.

Just want to know how much time is being taken these days for 221g.


HI Shriram,

Sorry for delay in reply.

I have been asked to submit the Passport on 21st of October and got the stamped Visa on 26th. I have traveled to USA now.

It seems Visa authorities have a sent a mail to Client verifying the authenticity of requirement and after getting the reply from, it got cleared.

They took 3 weeks to send a mail to client and client responded instantly. And it got cleared in 30 days time.

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