Child's H4 visa transfer to other parent

Our child(15 years of age) is in USA on H4 extension(I797) based on father’s Change of Employer H1 approval which is valid till end of 2024 and the father has stamped visa till the year end. We want to transfer the child’s status as a dependent on the Mother’s H1B(her extension is approved till end of 2025). So, before the child’s current I-94 expires, can the child go for H4 stamping interview by filling DS-160 as a dependent on the mother alongwith mother’s H1B stamping application? If the mother’s visa is approved, will the child be given visa till end of 2025 matching with mother’s H1B extension end?

Easiest way is to do an extension based on mother’s H1B. You can also apply for Visa based on mother’s petition in the home country.

It’s advisable to reach out to your attorney for such cases, as they know all the case history.

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Thanks Pankajji. We could have filed the extension but the mother has to travel to India for a family member’s health issue. She is going for stamping interview so we were thinking to also get the child stamping done with her as a group interview. The DS-160 asks the Primary applicant information with whom you wan to tie-up your H4 visa end date. It doesn’t ask anything about whom are you currently dependent on while present stay in USA.