Citizenship Acquisition

Hello there ,

I am a H1b immigrant worked in america . During my stay in US two kids are born 7 years and 2 years old . (husband also indian ) . Now i am back to india and planning to stay in india .

  1. will there be any problem for kids in claiming american citizenship when they are 18 years old.

2)what is the process to claim when they are 18 years old ?

3)will there be any issues in claiming american citizenship if they stay in india and pursuing education in india till they became 18 year old ?

A US born kid is automatically a US citizen unless you specifically renounce it in Indian embassy.

Did the kids travel with you to Indian using US passport or Indian passport?

More info:
US born kid is US citizen. Indian Embassy allows getting Indian passport but kid decides citizenship after turning 18. Parent cannot renounce kid’s US citizenship. Indian Citizenship for US Born Child (Benefits, Problems?) - USA

Hi Anil,

kids travelled with US passport and oci document