City Field not showing in Customer Mailing Address

Hi Guys,
I am trying to renew my passport and I am stuck on the VFS application submission stage.
I am filling up my address in the “Customer Mailing Address” field and also validated the address. Please refer to the image for reference.

After submitting this address, the summary page is loaded. The address on this Summary page is missing the “CITY” which was entered previously. Please refer to the image for reference.

Is anyone else facing the same error? Any advise?

I am facing the exact same issue, looks like a new bug.
Did you find any resolution to this.

The help desk asked me to include a cover letter in my application packet with the correct address. I am not sure if that works.

Did you find a solution?

Same response for me as well

I am facing the same problem. Not getting help from VFS.
Were you able to print the correct address?
Is the shipping address post payment printed correctly?

Add a cover letter saying you are facing this issue with screenshots of the errror and also mention that your correct address is so and so…

Side note, When I printed the shipping label, the correct address got printed. With all fields.

Regarding VFS, you can call them and also email them about the issue. The resolution remains the same. I.e attach a cover letter with evidence and correct address.

Hope it helps.

I am facing the same issue. Can someone share the cover letter format please. Thanks

Hello I am facing the same issue - can you pls share your experience- how did you solve the issue? Also the cover letter format?

Please try with a comma at the end of street address and city. It worked for me. I was struggling for a couple of days with this form and tried all options. Finally I was able to resolve it by just adding a comma at the end… It worked… Try and update.