City printed twice in renewed passport

Hi all,

I just received my renewed passport and my city is printed twice in the address like this - Pune, Pune. Do I need to get this corrected or it wouldnt be an issue?

In the Govt form’s 1st Page, how does it appear, when you submitted the application? If it’s correct there and they have printed it wrong, then it’s better to get it sorted out.

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Hi Ankita,

I am also seeing the same in Passport review. I haven’t yet submitted the application.
I believe the city name is printed twice if the birth city name and district name is same.
Was that also the reason in you case? City name and District name is same i.e. PUNE?

Hi Pankaj,
Are you also referring to city name and district name that we see in “Applicant Details” section?

Once you finish filling up the application, you get to see how it will show up in the passport. You can check there. In Applicant’s Details section, there can be repetition if City and District is same.

Hello ma’am.
Can I know whether it caused you any problem because even I have the same issue and would like to know before I apply for visa