Civil Engineer chance of invite - ANZSCO 233211 in 2020

May I know chances for Civil Engineer ANZSCO 233211 to receive an invitation for VISA 189 where total 85 points claimed along with skilled partner?

If you are lucky after Jan next year.

I see. It is becoming way more difficult than ever before. So have to have 90 plus to get a respond promptly.

90 is enough to get a invite in 3 months.

I see, Hope for the best!. Thanks for your reply

Hi All, Have a nice day.

Does anyone have idea about chance of getting invitation for these points?

I have points as below

189 Visa : Total 70 Points
190 Visa: Total 75 Points (Including State/Territory Nomination Points)
491 Visa : Total 85 Points (Including State/Territory Nomination Points)

I submitted my EOI on 22nd June 2020

Hi There,
I assume that you are an offshore applicant and my answer is based on that assumption.

Currently, there is no chance of getting 189 invitation unless you have 90 plus.

Besides that, for 190 and 491, you have to thoroughly go through state nomination eligibility criteria one another as it tricky nowadays of getting an invitation for an offshore applicant. Almost all-state nominations programmes are closed for offshore applicants at the moment and you may have a good chance if you have a genuine job offer from Australia.

However, you may have to wait and carefully look for new regulations and new criteria for the next financial year if there is any as all current forecasts based on previous data are no going to be valid especially everything turned upside down because of Civud-19 situation.
Therefore always stay in touch and look for the latest news, regulations and updates from Ausi Home affairs and state government websites.

Good Luck!

Dear Manoj

Thank you so much for your reply and explanation.

So, In this case I will try to increase my points from English Language Test, because I couldn’t claim points from English Language Test. (My PTE score is between 55 to 72).

Thanks again.
Best regards

Hi Chan,
Yes exactly, that is what you should do at this moment. And try to do the NAATI CCL [Credentialed Community Language (CCL) – NAATI] as of now it can be done online. U can get 5 more points if you through it.

Good Luck!

HI Manoj

As mentioned by my friends, nowadays, it is very difficult to have a job offer.
So, I will focus on English exam and NAATI exam to increase my points.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Best Regards


I have applied for 190 state sponsorship with 95 points and 189 with 90 points on 15th of October in 2020. Could you please tell me when would I get an invite(189 or 190).

R u an offshore or onshore?

NAATI Done. Now the total is 90.
But this Covid has changed the whole system. :mask:

Onshore. Is there any chance to get it before June 2021?

Yeah, You have a good chance. Good Luck!
And try 491 too.
Because as what I sense, Government in a mission since last year of filling more in regional areas.