Claim 10 points with ACS spouse assessment

If you have 3 years of experience with an Information tech bachelors degree, can we do an ACS assessment and claim 5 points in addition to the PTE points as spouse points if the assessment is in the same category.

Hi @sinduja

You should be able to claim spouse points if you can get positive assessment as well as the English language score.

Thanks Anil, please could let me know what positive assessment means , I would mostly get 0-1 year as work experience in aCS assessment, does that count towards postive assessment, sorry for my ignorance

Hi @sinduja

Are you talking about primary applicant ACS assessment or spouse work assessment here?

Positive assessment simply means that work and education has been marked as ‘relevant’ by ACS.

I am talking about the spouse assessment Anil, thanks for your clarification

Hi Anil,

My wife has 1 year of experience and will it be possible to get the ACS assessment done and get 5 points with 1 year work experience, she worked back in the year 2008-2009, will that suffice?

Hi @Anwar_Shamim

The only way to know is to file ACS assessment and then see the result. ACS deducts 2 year experience from all work experiences.

Thank you for the reply Anil, much appreciated.
I have one more query to ask :slight_smile:

I had submitted my EOI last year in around May 2019 with 65 points for 189 and 70 points for Victoria, and yesterday I and my spouse were able to get the additional points for PTE , she got 5 points and I got total 20 points for PTE and we submitted the EOI yesterday with the help of our Immigration agent, so now we have 80 points in 189 and 85 for 190 for Victoria.

Could you please give an idea on how are the chances of getting an invite with this new points and how long will be the wait period with this new points to get an Invite?

Thank you

Sorry @Anwar_Shamim, I do not estimate individual cases.

Thank you Anil,
just wanted to see if there is any possibility with my new improved points as earlier my points were less and i had waited almost for 9 months with old points, so with increased points wanted to see if there is better chance so asked :slight_smile:

Hi Anil,

Hope you are doing good and staying safe during these tough Covid times.

I have a query- I have changed my Companies twice after submitting the initial EOIs for Aus PR, and during these 1 year time I have acquired new Technological skills in Cloud Technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS etc, in the new organizations.

Now whenever we change to a new organization we update the EOI with the new organizations details, but does the EOI updation has options to update the new skills that I have acquired as these skills are in high demand in the market globally and my old resume which I had submitted one year back does not have these skills in it. ? Appreciate your inputs on this concern.
As for Australia PR the Technical skills are also checked right for accepting EOI nominations and getting an invite? Please correct me if I am wrong?

I have 80 points in 189 and 85 points in 190 applied for Victoria and we have been awaiting in pool for an year now, so wanted to check our possibilities on getting an invite under 263111 -Computer Network and Systems Engineer.

Appreciate your help.
Anwar Shamim

You dont have an option to update your skills in your EOI. Instead, if you have changed companies after getting your last skills assessment and wants to include your current employer/experience in your EOI and is claiming GSM points for the same, so you need to get the new experience assessed by the relevant authority. After a skill assessment only, you will be able to claim points for the same experience.
If not claiming points, no need to get the skill assessment for the new exp. You can just update your new exp in the EOI and mark it “non relevant to the nominated job code”.

NO, Your EOI gets picked up by your job code and the requirement of that code by the state/DHA.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the chances to get an invite for 189/190 are bleak for offshore people now. The number of allocations for 189/190 have been significantly reduced for this FY. 189 will focus on high pointers (95+) and states will be focusing on onshore people (critical job occupations) for 190 nominations.
Your EOI will expire without getting any invite at these points. I would suggest that you go ahead and increase your points if you have the option. Or think of a Plan B.

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Thank you Pooja for the detailed response, it is much appreciated.

I will try to increase points through NATI as that’s the only 5 points left to try, my spouse contributed 5 points through PTE and I got 20 points in my next attempt in PTE, so we will try for the 5 NAATI points.

Any suggestions on how to go about NAATI ? We heard it is not easy and also very expensive exam to take , appreciate your guidance on it and any help on how to go about enrolling for NAATI and clearing it.

Again appreciate your very detailed and professional response. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Anwar Shamim

Here you go: Credentialed Community Language (CCL) – NAATI

You can write the exam for any regional language (that you know of). The link will give you more details. I have not attempted NAATI but a few friends of mine attempted in the last 3-4 months and they did get the required score in one go. I think it’s more about how much practice you do and how good you are with that language. Indeed the exam is costly but this is what it is. All money making business without a guarantee of positive returns. lol

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Thank you again Pooja. Much appreciated.

Anwar Shamim

Hi there,

I want to go for skill assessment for my spouse to gain 5 points and need your help please.

She is B.Com graduate with 13 years of experience in a single company. She has 11 years in Non-IT experience and from past 2 years she has moved into IT software engineer.
Could you please suggest the changes of positive results. Should i go for it.
I understand that ACS would deduct some experience, would that be from overall experience of Software engineer experience is my concern.