Claiming Spouse points in a diffferent ANZSCO occupation

Hi @Kumar_2019

ACS will only count work experience from BA years. All other work experience not relevant for BA job will be completely ignored.

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My questions , since there is no ACS for CA job to claim spouse points , she has worked in implementing software in her firm as performed BA role. Can I show as work as ACS under 261111 ICT Business analyst

I don’t understand your question. You have written everything in one sentence.

Can you break it and explain the situation?

My questions ,

  • I am applying under 261111 ICT Business analyst

  • My wife is Chartered accountant in India . she has 4.5 yrs exp . Is there any ACS for CA to claim spouse points in same category.

  • In her CA firm , she was responsible and managed the implemention of software , where she gained some IT experience. Can that be projected as IT Project manager and submit ACS for that job responsibility

Hi @sundar.neo

The assessment company name depends on what ANZSCO job code you choose for your wife.

If you think she did the software development and you choose any software code, then you can go ahead with ACS assessment.
But, don’t forget that her education is in accounting and she is a chartered accountant.

ACS looks for both education and work experience and matched them. You cannot just arbitrary choose anything.

You won’t get positive assessment if you mix things just to get points.

If my spouse gets positive assessment for CA role Accountant (general) – 221111 from CPAA , will that be sufficient for spouse points , considering I am submitting ACS under 261111 ICT Business analyst

Both job codes should fall under same occupation list for spouse points.

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both fall under MLTSSL . is it what same occupation list means ?

Yes, that’s correct.

Hi Anil,
My husband and I wanted to get our skill assessment done for Australian PR. I am a Computer Science Engineering bachelor degree holder with 14 years of IT experience and my husband is a Mechanical Engineering bachelor degree holder with 14 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer (CAD/CAM).
My question is should both of us be applying for skill assessment with ACS (Australian Computer Society) or any other organization?

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Hi @Malini

Each ANZSCO has its own assessment agency assigned to it. ACS is officially assigned to computer related professions.

You should first choose the job code and then select the assessment agency.

Thank you Anil.
I have one more query with regards to this.

If my husband and I end up getting our skills assessed with different agency, then my husband being the primary applicant cannot gain 10 points (effective Nov 2019 for positive skill assessment and english score of the dependant) from me ?

Hi @Malini

Spouse points eligibility depends on the ANZSCO code falling in same occupation list and not same assessment agency.

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Hi All,

My Wife is Primary applicant and she is in Short term skilled occupation list (System Administrator) and I am under MLTSSL Medium and long-term strategic skill list (Computer Network and system engineer).

Can i get partner point if we are in different skill list in IT platform for subclass 190 visa?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @umeshmandala

Your question has been moved to this page as it has been already answered above. Please read.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Im bit confuse. You were telling we can’t get partner points if we are in different skill list but When Im trying to submit EOI for 190 visa. I’m able to claim partner point even though we are in different skill list with ACS agency as subclass 190 accepts STSOL and MLTSL But in case of 189 it is not allowing me to get partner points as STSOL is not valid for it.

I have 65 pts under 261313 software engineer and
my spouse have MBA + 1.2 year exp. Her Skilled assessment by CPAA for related category shows she need 65/each in PTE for general skill assessment.

Does any one knows as a secondary applicant she need 65 or 50 in PTE?

How many years of minimum experience she need to claim 10 points for her assessment?

Hi @patel_niket9

Use this app to check spouse point eligibility.

Hi Anil,
First I tried the mentioned link from your blog but after following all 3 steps not able to find final outcome.
However, the app does not provide any details i.e. minimum required experience and PTE score. I have checked all 3 assessy for management category and all 3 have mentioned minimum PTE score for general and provisional.

Only confusion is this criteria for primary applicant or it also for secondary/spouse applicant. Because this 10 points will help to lot in PR process.

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

I just read through this thread and I did not know EOI gets auto updated after you get relevant experience (assuming 1 year local experience). In my case, I had mentioned the start date on my EOI when I started working but for the first three months, I did not have 20 hours of work experience (as that is the minimum hours to claim points). It was my probation period and only after three months did I start working 20+ hours a week. Now do I change the start work date on my EOI and move it three months ahead? or how do I go about it?

The reason why I am asking this is

  • I dont want to unnecessarily increase my points without the possibility of actually claiming, thereby changing my DOE for no beneficial reason (I have been waiting for over 8 months now and looks like there could be a chance of ITA post November changes)

ANZSCO - 232111
Points - 70 + 10 (single) post Nov.
DOE - 6.2.19

It would be really helpful to get valuable suggestion from you.

Thank you