Claiming Spouse points in a diffferent ANZSCO occupation

Hi @patel_niket9

If you are claiming spouse points, then the spouse English score should be at-least ‘competent’.

Hi @ram_krishnan

You should change the start date in your EOI as that will land you in trouble if you get invited and can’t prove the 3 month relevant experience.

Thanks for clarifying as this is very crucial. Will change it soon.

Thanks a lot for all your quick replies. Appreciate it!

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Hi @Anil.Gupta ,
Is my wife required to do functional test for my 489 visa application, as she already did skills assessment 2 years ago and I claimed additional points from her.

Yes, spouse needs to have her own English test result and ‘competent’ score to claim spouse points.

HI guys
Could you please tell me with regard to the spouse, do we both need to be on exactly the same list meaning both on STSOL or both on MLTSSL to claim 10 points or does it also work when one is on one list and the other on the other?

10 Points: had nominated a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation

Thank you guys!

Hi @Ed_Li_Hu

Please read this answer:

Thanks a lot. Would you also have a suggestion where I can research some valid recent figures for rounds of 190… is it 85, 90, 95…?
Looking for ICT Project Mgr

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Ed_Li_Hu

I do not know of any such website.

Hi Anil,

  • I submitted my ACS under “ICT business Analyst(261111)”.

  • My spouse has studied B.Tech Computer Science and working as a Linux Administrator. As per her education and work “Systems Administrator(262113)” code best suites, but it is falling under different list.

Can i go ahead with “Systems Analysts(261112)” with same roles? Please suggest the best approach?


Hi @Venkatesh_Reddy

I suggest to choose the code for your spouse based on her roles and responsibilities.

ACS will give negative report if you choose something that does not match her work experience letter.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

So, in that case i can’t claim spouse points for ACS right? I am in a situation to claim spouse points for better chance of getting invitation. In this case what is the best suggestion will you give me?

Hi @Venkatesh_Reddy

The best suggestion is to apply assessment based on what your spouse actually does.

Choosing an occupation code which can result in negative assessment will just be a waste of money.

You can appear for NAATI exam to get extra 5 points.


Could you please help me with following questions:

*My spouse will be primary applicant with 261111: ICT Business Analyst profile which falls under MLTSSL, and my proifle is 223112: Recruitment Consultant which falls under STSOL. Will the primary applicant be able to claim for spouse points under this.

*I am confused between Human Resource Advisor and Recruitment consultant, as anzsco code mentions exact roles, which one should I choose.


Hi @smritisethi

Please help yourself to check spouse eligiblity here.

Also, please do not copy paste same question again. It is counted as spam.

I need to claim 5 point for my wife. she has 3.5 years of experience as software tester. she is from BE ECE background. In that she was on a maternity break for one year. Will she get positive ACS ? As she is from ECE background will she require 4+ years of experience to get positive acs to claim 5 point ?