Clarificaton regarding dependent child interview waiver eligibility

Hello Everyone,

I am traveling to India next month to get my visa stamped along with my wife and child, who went back to India before me.

Here is my issue. The L1-A visa stamp on my passport as well as the stamps on my wife and daughter’s passports expired in feb 2022. I checked the dropbox app individually to see if we all qualify and we all do. However, the following concerns me

For Children under 14 years of age a photocopy of each parent’s passport biographic information page and valid U.S.
visa copy is mandatory. If the parents do not hold U.S. visas, the children are not eligible for the interview waiver.

Since the visa stamps on my wife’s passport and mine expired in feb 2022, does that mean my daughter needs to appear in person for the interview?

I need to travel in a couple of weeks and this is preventing me from creating the appointment.

@anil_am22 , It would really help if you could share your thoughts.

Thanks a ton in advance,