Client letter for dropbox appointment

quick background - I started working on a new client project from Jan this year and my last filed LCA for my H1B extension had a different client project. Since there was no material change no new amendment was required when i started working on the new client project.
I recently had a dropbox appointment for H1B VISA a few days ago where I was asked to provide a client letter on the appointment day. The job duties in the client letter (for the new client project) that I was carrying did not match exactly to my last filed LCA by my employer. My job role, location etc. are the same and although my job duties are also the same, the way my new client has worded them on the letter would have appeared different to the VO. Hence, I provided the vendor letter that has exactly the same job role, job duties, location. etc.
I had explained to the dropbox officer that my vendor letter establishes the relationship between my employer & vendor and the vendor & end client, my role, location, job duties etc. I have provided all other required documents. My worry is would the VO still ask for a client letter? If so, does the VO ask for supporting documents using 221g and any idea what could be the processing time on average for 221g resolution?

Thank you very much.

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If the VO needs to see the client letter, they will issue form 221g and ask you to submit one.

Thank you very much Anil for your response. Could you pls share if 221g form is sent by mail or via email? Also, is there an average time estimate for resolving 221g cases?

Thanks, and appreciate your help.