Concurrent H1B jobs

Couple of questions on Concurrent H1-B. I am already employee of Company A as Full time and i got an offer as part time for Company B. Questions are listed below

a) is this mandatory or optional to submit concurrent H1B petition while applying extension through Company A i.e Primary H1B ?.
b) is this mandatory or optional to submit H1 Concurrent docs or notify USICS about Concurrent H1b while applying I485/I140(Green Card process)?
c) is there any way Company A will know what i am applying for concurrent H1 B ?
d) While filling DS160 form, do i need to specify both Primary and Concurrent H1B petition no# ?
e) what is the maximum and minimum hours i can work in Concurrent H1B since this is part time job.?

Company B will submit ‘New concurrent employment’ H1B petition while extension of status with company A will be filed as ‘Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer’


No, but make sure you are not violating any non-disclosures that you may have signed while accepting employment with company A.

Just primary if okay.

Less than 35 hours is treated as part time.

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