Condition Based documents - Birth Certificate/School leaving, India Address affidavit, Proof for ECNR

Hi Folks, I’m working on my passport renewal, and had three questions about condition based documents.

  1. Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate is listed under condition based, but has no condition specified. Is this required?
  2. It seems like there used to be a self-sworn affidavit for India address, but the newest document checklist doesn’t say this. Only that one address must be India address. So is there any self-sworn affidavit necessary for India address?
  3. Do we need to submit any proof for ECNR? I don’t see any mention of anything about proof for ECNR in the document checklist. And my current passport is already ECNR.

Just go by latest checklist from VFS as per your renewal category. Forms keep getting added/deleted/modified.