Confusion around parents' last name spelling in mother's passport not matching my passport


My current passport is expiring in Oct 2024. So I’m applying for re-issuance while I’m in the USA. My original passport has my mother’s last name blank (nothing in that field.)

My current passport has (example):
Mother’s name (printed on passport): Asha
Father’s name: Mahesh Tiwari
My name: Sparsh Tiwari

My mother’s passport and Aadhar has:
Name: Asha Tiwaree
Spouse name: Mahesh Tiwaree

Thanks to @Diwedy here for his initial response on my post: Mother's last name and address change for passport reissuance - #2 by Diwedy

Potential issue
I was about to follow the advice in the post above and write my mother’s last name as “Tiwaree” to match her passport and aadhar. However, I just noticed that her passport and aadhar have a different spelling for her husband (Mahesh Tiwaree) which does not match spelling of father’s name in my passport (Mahesh Tiwari)

Will this be an issue that my mother’s husband’s last name spelling in her passport (Tiwaree) does not match my father’s last name spelling in my passport (Tiwari)?

(I apologize in advance for a seemingly weird/specific situation but my mother has had different last name spelling for her and her husband in banks, driver’s license etc. all her life and only recently settled on a more permanent passport+aadhar spelling (which doesn’t match my passport) so I’m worried. :face_exhaling:)

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you