Confusion on which exact passport pages to send for passport reissue

My current Indian passport expires in Oct 2024 and I’m in the process of getting it reissued while in the USA.

I’m following the documents guidance provided on this post . Very useful, thank you!

A question regarding which passport pages to send:

Photocopy of the First 5 pages of YOUR passport along with the last 2 pages.

So that’s a total of 7 pages

Further below it says:

Total of 10 pages.

Is it 7 or 10?

Is it because page bio/photo Page 2 and address Page 35 needed to repeated twice?

  • First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Repeats Photo page twice
  • Page numbers 34, 35, 36, and the last page with the address. Repeats Address page twice

Also, my VISA and entry and exit stamps are on page 14, 15, should I send those pages too?

Thank you

First page with photo + 5 pages
Address page + 3 Pages

Visa and other pages not counted and required for this.

Visa copy is a separate requirement specified under Valid Status in USA.

thank you, so is this the order below?

Photo page + page 1 + page 2 (Photo page again) + page 3 + page 4 + page 5 + Address page + page 34 + page 35 (Address page again) + page 36

In my passport:
Photo page = Page 2
Address page = Page 35

Not sure what the confusion is. Take the first six pages and last 4 pages (incl. everything). Hope this makes sense.