Continue to work while H1 COS H4 Approved with a Future date but H4 EAD approved with Today's date


My H1B is due in 2025 but since my spouse has I140, I wanted to move to Dependant status and hence I applied for H4 COS + H4 EAD. This week I got approvals for both the COS and the EAD applications along with the EAD card. H4 EAD card starts from Feb 17 2023 but my H4 COS is future dated i.e. Mar 30 2023.
H1B - May 15 2025
H4 COS - Mar 30 2023
H4 EAD - Feb 17 2023

I am currently employed and was wondering if I can continue to work on H1B since my H1-H4 COS starts on Mar 30 or do I have to stop working till Mar 30 to resume my employment?

Yes you can continue on H1B, if the change of status is effective 30th March. From 30th March you can switch to using H4 EAD.