Continue to Work While H4 EAD is pending with USCIS for Correction


My current H4 EAD is valid until 31st July 2022. I have received the extended H4 EAD but there is an typographical error due to USCIS error.

Would I be able to work post July 2022 if the corrected EAD card is not there with me?

FYI - I539 is valid until Dec 2024.

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If your card isn’t corrected before your current EAD expires, you have option to re-apply for EAD again and get automatic extension for existing EAD for 540 days and continue working.

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Hello Sumarita,

Did you receive the new EAD card from USCIS? I am facing the same issue. They approved my EAD till July 2022 when I already have my old card till July 2022. The new H1B is approved till 2025. I sent the card back after raising a service request, has been over 2 weeks not heard anything back.


Hi Arpita,

Unfortunately no. There is no fixed timeline. Haven’t heard back yet.