Convert EB2 to EB1 - Eligibility criteria

Dear Anil,

I applied my GC in EB-2 category with Company A, I would like to understand what is the eligibility criteria to convert in EB-1?

Do I need to have an international manager credit with the same company or different company also acceptable?
I was working as a Manager in Company A in onsite and offshore, now I moved to Company B - am I still eligible to convert my green card from EB2 to EB-1 in Company B or in the new company B also I should work as an international manager?

Can you please confirm?

Your manager work experience should be in the last 3 years and you should have got that 1 year year experience outside USA.

You should be working for same employer in USA that you were working for outside USA.

I’ve manager experience more than 3 years with Company A but with my new Company B I’ve only 6 month experience in USA - don’t have outside USA experience in Company B - so am I not eligible to apply in EB1?

You have to have the 1 year manager experience with company B outside USA to be eligible for EB1.

Thank you for the quick response!