Coronavirus Stimulus bill 2020 Questions & Answers?

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Thank you Anil for posting , if this Bill passes it will be great helpfull.
Do you know when we will be able to get know the response or confirmation of this ?

The bill can be passed anytime as it is quite important. It is being discussed every day and is in news all day.

But, chances of including any clause for visa workers are low at this time.

Ok thank you for the update

Is this Bill Passed?

Are l1 ,L2 EAD also considered for this?

Bill has been passed in Senate. It will now go to House and if passed there without any modifications, it will be sent to Trump for signing.

Once signed, it will become a law.

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Now that the bill has passed there are literally millions of Americans who arent going to benefit from this stimulus. I am specifically referring to the millions of individuals who owe back child support. For those who do, the ones who were/are currently employed and actively paying, most of whom have families to provide for, are going to be hit the hardest. That is why i created a petition to amend the stimulus bill to include those individuals. Its unjust to tell these people that even though they are employed and pay their taxes they are undeserving of any help. Please take a few seconds and sign my petition. Just because someone owes back child support does NOT mean they are dead beats. If they were employed and actively paying their child support when this pandemic hit they should NOT be excluded from recieving this stimulus check. The link to my petition is below. Thank you for your time and support!