Correction in 'Place of Birth' in passport

Hi All,

my passport is going to expire and i am applying for renewal in San Francisco
i am looking to get my place of birth changed in passport as per my birth certificate
(both places belong to the same state but nearby districts)

i read it in the forums and got some information but i have few queries

  1. I Have only Birth Certificate for proof of ‘place of birth’ which i got in India recently - will this document is enough for changing the place of birth ?
    (I don’t have any court order issued by a judicial officer or competent officer)

  2. Do i need to do the below before applying or after applying ?

  i .  Fill the questionnaire for change of place of birth or date of birth. Sign and 
       date the forms
  ii.  do a self-attested birth certificate
  iii. send the completed questionnaire, requested documents and birth 
       certificate as scans to
  1. How much time it will take to get my new passport with correction because i need the new passport ASAP (~2 months, will it be possible )

  2. what are the pre works / documents do i need to place of birth correction

Does anyone have experience from San Francisco recently ?
looking for some guidance before i apply , could some one please share your inputs .
Thanks in advance

NOTE : as per the documents page from the VFS global site
A court order issued by a judicial officer, not below the rank of 1st Class Magistrate in India OR a
Competent Authority (issues an amendment or correction in the date/place of birth of the
applicant. The Competent Authority issuing the amending order should be the same authority
whose certification was submitted at the time of the issue of the original passport. The
Competent Authority in such cases can be Municipal Authorities (for date/place of birth and
Educational Board Authority (for date of birth). Birth Certificate issued by Government/Municipal

Self attested birth certificate with updated details should suffice. Send it along with your application and other docs.

Hi @Diwedy ,

any idea approximately how long it takes bcz i am in need of passport in 2 months,
Thanks in advance

3-4 weeks for renewal, in general.

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