COS H1 to H4 RFE

Hi Anil,
I was on H1B and my approved i94 was valid until Nov 13th 2022 as per the last h1b Approval notice. My H1B extension was filed on November 2nd 2022, and is in progress ( my H1b Max out date was on Feb 2nd 2023).

Due to this, I filled H1 to H4 COS on January 6th 2023 and USCIS received on Jan 11th 2023,
and my I 539 status changed to RFE on Feb 16th 2023.
My questions are:

(a) Do i know what reasons they issued RFE on my case( waiting for RFE notice)

Appreciate your response. Thanks

This is probably due to your H1B extension still in process and now maxed out, USCIS is most probably requesting your extended H1B I-797 via RFE, to prove you were in H1B status when you filed for COS from H1B to H4.
If the timelines are tight, you should file H1B extension with premium processing to avoid such issues.

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Received RFE document today and stating that Late file.
When i was submitted COS application to USCIS submitted all the I797 approvals along with Pending Receipt notice, looks like USCIS officer didn’t go through that document, Working with attorney to respond the RFE.