Could you please anyone here has encountered a situation where your full name is more than 20characters and VFS is complaining about it?


I am trying to renew my Indian passport and while filling out the VFS application, I am getting error as my first name is more than 20characters. Did anyone face this issue?

You might have to reach out to VFS for this as the limitation is on their site. They may ask you to shorten name to accommodate in this case. A pre-approval should work to avoid rejection of your application on this ground.

Your passport application should be fine as it allows 45 characters each for First + Middle Name (together 45 characters) and Surname.

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Thank you Diwedy for your help. Any suggestions on how to get the pre-approval. Either through email or phone? Which according to you is the preferred way?


Please try all the means available, incl. Twitter. If they confirm something, that’s more than enough for your application to go through.

Does the cover letter work around still work?

Yes, it worked. Thanks

Hi, I am having same problem. How to get approvals and complete application ?

Thanks in advance !