CPT to H1B visa approved with consular processing - issued Admin processing in India


I have a question: I was enrolled full-time CPT and I got H1 approved recently but the Change of Status was denied. I had to come to India and get the visa stamped and go back and the approval notice.

I am in India now and my visa is in Admin Processing. I have been here 5 weeks. Now my question is could I go ahead and withdraw classes at my school who is offering CPT?

I cannot attend classes and I feel its a waste. But my DSO is saying my Sevis will be terminated with immediate effect.

Would that affect my H1 processing in any way?

I feel I can only re enter USA as a H1b candidate and hence the Sevis would not matter. But can I get some inputs from people who understand how it works?


H1B visa processing is based on employer

H1B processing is based on your H1B job and employer credentials and not your CPT.

Once you get H1B visa stamped, you will anyway not use your CPT or study visa.

H1B Visa admin processing

Was there any note written in your H1B approval as to why “Change of Status” was denied? That could offer some hints on your admin processing.

Or you had filed your H1B as “Consular processing” yourself?

I attended H1B visa interview at Kolkata last week. I work FT for large US telecom company. The VO asked me basic questions, and then wrote SEVIS on a sticky note on my passport, and kept it.

Said will take a week to process and gave me 221G white slip - no additional documents needed.

Do you have a sense of how long it will take to process?

Hi @vampire

It can take up-to 30 working days to get result based on similar form 221g at this time. Please plan accordingly.

Hey, have your H1B visa got issued?