Cr1 Category - Visa refused 221g - US embassy Mumbai

Hello Anil Sir,

My sister had cr1 interview at US embassy in Mumbai. She did not pass the interview. I am sharing what she got it is 221g white slip.

The interview officer said that her file is incomplete. And when my sister asked what is incomplete. Officer said that she can’t comment on that.

So the case is showing “Refused” in Ceac. But they didn’t ask any document.

Do you know or have any idea as how long this might take and what they want??
Please reply

Why they didn’t ask any document?? Will this take months or years?? If the petitioner who is U.S. citizen involves U.S senator can help the case?? Whag would you suggest?? @anil_am22.

So my sister’s husband who is a US citizen involved U.S. senator and the senator make him fill one form and she (senator) sent that formto the embassy and made an inquire about the case. The senator got a response from the embassy that they have asked for the passport submission from the applicant in one of the drop off location. But my sister never received any email from the embassy neither her husband or their lawyer received any email asking to submit the passport. So in this situation, should she wait for the email or else base on what the Senator got reply, should submit the passport ?? Will the people at drop off location ask about the proof whether why she is submitting if she isn’t get any email from embassy? Also, normally people get email from embassy to submit their passport, right? Can they get a physical letter in the house mail box?? My sister is confused whether to wait or submit the passport?.