Cr1 Category - Visa refused 221g - US embassy Mumbai

Hello Anil Sir,

My sister had cr1 interview at US embassy in Mumbai. She did not pass the interview. I am sharing what she got it is 221g white slip.

The interview officer said that her file is incomplete. And when my sister asked what is incomplete. Officer said that she can’t comment on that.

So the case is showing “Refused” in Ceac. But they didn’t ask any document.

Do you know or have any idea as how long this might take and what they want??
Please reply

Why they didn’t ask any document?? Will this take months or years?? If the petitioner who is U.S. citizen involves U.S senator can help the case?? Whag would you suggest?? @anil_am22.

So my sister’s husband who is a US citizen involved U.S. senator and the senator make him fill one form and she (senator) sent that formto the embassy and made an inquire about the case. The senator got a response from the embassy that they have asked for the passport submission from the applicant in one of the drop off location. But my sister never received any email from the embassy neither her husband or their lawyer received any email asking to submit the passport. So in this situation, should she wait for the email or else base on what the Senator got reply, should submit the passport ?? Will the people at drop off location ask about the proof whether why she is submitting if she isn’t get any email from embassy? Also, normally people get email from embassy to submit their passport, right? Can they get a physical letter in the house mail box?? My sister is confused whether to wait or submit the passport?.



Hi yasmin rana i got the same letter yesterday . Did your sister got her vosa approved or still pending plz let me know and if she got how many days u were waiting the visa

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Hello Yasmin sir,
Recently i have done my interview and i got same 221g letter like your sister from them. So did you received mail n how long it takes.

Your urgent respond be grateful.

Sir, you also got same letter?

Yes I got the same letter but after 2 days they requested me to send the pasport

Hello all,

My sister got 221g white slip during interview and after 2 days, she got message in ustraveldocs to pick up another 221g stating to submit the passport. She submitted the passport and got it back after a week. She is in the U.S right now and just got the green card.

Yep. After 2 days they ask for the passport and after a week, she got tbe passport back stamped. Now she is in the U.S and got her green card

Hello Yasmin sir,
In my case it is like this sir. Recently i had an interview for immigrant visa for USA which took place in Mumbai. So in first interview i was issued with 221g letter without any additional documents n gave me a re interview schedule day after tomorrow.Next day they called my wife in interview room and was asked about her passport because instead of submitting the new passport we mistakenly submitted the old passport which was misplace but we found it back. Actually she got two passport old and new one but we mistakenly submitted the old and they told me that its against the law and after interrogation(its true they told us to come later in evening. When we went in evening again they issued us the 2nd 221g letter stating that “Your case is under administrative processing. We will contact you once the administrative processing is complete” and visa officer gave back my passport n baby passport but they kept my wife passport with them…Unfortunately she left her new passport in our home country n we thought that passport which we had given to embassy was her new passport… We also knew only after they called us for re interview.

Anything to share on this topic sir and your feedback will boost my confident as it has been four days since i have done second interview and still no mail at all.

Thank you

My fiancé completed the full K1 visa interview

  • During the interview, the consular officer indicated that a birth affidavit would not be sufficient, and a birth certificate was required
  • After the interview, the officer issued a 221(g) request and document does not request birth certificate but instead states administrative processing
  • However, instead of keeping the passport, they returned it to my fiancé

Please advise

If you don’t have birth certificate, then get the NABC (Non availability of birth certificate) from the local government body who issues borth certificate.