Criminal (misdemeanor) conviction in US- Impact on US visa stamping and at Port of Entry

Hello friends, just want to see if you have any idea or have had anybody go thru this in the past.

A person on H4 visa in US is convicted by a county court for a hit and run case (the person was involved in a minor hit to other car while driving in California. She was not sure what happened really and also did not know that one has to stop and inform police. She came home. The other party involved noted her license plate and informed police immediately. Fortunately, there was no injury or any harm to anybody. However, cops/district attorney filed a case of hit and run.
So, she pleaded guilty that it was ignorance of law and the court convicted her as a criminal demeanor (which means a minor criminal offence). The punishment was $250 penalty, just book and release(ie go to jail office and sign a paper and come back, that’s it ) and one day of probation with a GPS device. There was no arrest or no jail time. We understood that we should declare this on DS 160 form. However, we want to know if this would a problem in visa stamping at a US consulate in India for that person?
Or would that cause any issues at port of entry?

Generally, it should not be a problem in visa stamping.

Thanks, Anil. I appreciate the response.
We are also hoping that it will not be an issue. Fingers crossed. I will keep posted. Thanks, again.

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If you do not mind me asking another question, would these kind of convictions cause any issues at Port of Entry?
I am wondering if Port of Entry officers have access to this conviction data and stop the entry into the country by any chance?

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Hi Vijay - Just wanted to check if you faced any issues later. My wife is in similar situation. Thanks!