Current employer experience letter - jobs title different / mismatch from the latest approved petition from the same employer

I got a new job offer and the attorney from the new company has requested to provide an experience letter from my current employer(I have only worked for this one employer till now) to request for education evaluation, as my degree isn’t in computer science.

The current job title on my latest H1B petition is Web Developer, but I had recently started taking up more architect level activities in addition to some web developer activities. My current employer has start H1B amendment to change the role to Architect. But, it is still at the very beginning stage (LCA filing) and will leave to the new company before they even file the amendment.

It will be very beneficial for me to get the experience letter from my current employer as Job title - Architect, as it will be in sync with my current activities and the new job I was offered.

But, will this create an issue during H1B Transfer, when my new employer shares this experience letter with USCIS. There will be a mismatch between the job title on last approved petition and the experience letter from the same employer?

I don’t think the job title will make any significant difference as long as the job roles are same or similar.

Thanks Anil, this helps.
Just making sure, so even if the current Petition title and experience letter from the same employer is different, but as long as the job duties are similar we should be good right?