Current H4 Extension, COS Processing Time Questions & Answers

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I Don’t see H4 Extension Time in California Center in your page ?

We are working on fixing the data. Will share one it is fixed.

I filled H1B extension with H4 extension and New H4EAD on November 8 2019 in Premium processing. H1b approved 4 days, Biometric for H4 was on November 27, any idea how long we should wait for H4 and H4 EAD. I observed California time line two time in last 3 months it goes back to June 1st from July 10th.

Thanks Anil, I appreciate your reply.

Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes for H4 extension im waiting for more than 6 months at California service center. But some of my friends who filed after me have received it not sure how they take up the cases.

Hello Anil
When I go to USCIS website I see the processing time to change to H4 is almost a year.
Does this mean my COS to H4 from L2 will take a year?

Hi @Aneesha

Yes, it means what it says.

My H1B extension got approved and received I-797 (approval copy).
I filed H4 extension for my wife online (as there is no H4 EAD involved, I was allowed to file online)
As I filed online, I received Receipt Notice right away. I could track the status right from day 1.

It’s been about 3 months now and still the status says “Case Received”

No Biometric notice, no update in any way.

Anyone know how long does it takes to get H4 extension approved? I am starting to worry now as current H4 status is expiring in next 1 and half months! So the DL will be expiring!

Hi , did you get any update on h4 extension?

Nothing yet! Still same status.
DL is expired