Current PERM Processing Time 2024 (Check Case Status)

Originally published at: Current PERM Processing Time 2024 (Check Case Status) - USA

PERM Case Status Check Enter your PERM case number to estimate approval time. You can also check the PERM approvals that are being tracked.


looks like the companies that had layoffs are withdrawing their PERM applications, causing the dates to move


My perm was filled on May 18th. Result Received on 1st Feb. (Processing time is 8.5 month). Office space is in Califorina. Hope it helps. Some lawyer mentioned same on LinkdIn that they received May 6th filled cased approved on Jan 20th (8.5 months). Good luck to who all are waiting.


Mine filled on March 15th, still waiting and no audit notice.


In same boat…it seems. When was your audit date? Mine was filed March and went into audit. Audit response submitted in Dec…attorney said it will be a couple months wait…surprisingly DOL updated from January and is now reflecting Audit reviews for March…so, hopefully we hear something soon.


You should have heard about your case by now…unless, like mine, it was selected for audit…?

Any one waiting for perm approval filed on march last week or April month.

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My case filed on march 25th no updates

According to this: Processing Times | - as of 01/31 they are processing May 2022, so in 2 weeks, when they update their website, you will be able to request a status update, as per their website:
“For various reasons, OFLC may be completing the processing of applications filed prior to the month posted. If your application was filed more than three months prior to the month posted, you may contact the OFLC PERM Helpdesk for a status on the application at”

Where to look for excel google sheets


Did any one get approval for June first week 2022??


I see some PERM cases of Jun-July’22 filing date getting approved, is this accurate? The official site says they are still processing May’22 cases.

Looks like some of them are PWD and not PERM. The last excel file of approvals until end of Jan are all at 240 days or above

Mine filled on March 15th, still waiting


PERM filed march 3. Got Audit dec 2. Submitt response Dec 14. PERM Approved Feb 22, 2023.
Now filling i140 and i485.

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which officials?
DOL site shows july perms started to review

how the excel sheet i updated… ? is user has to provide data ???


Yes, it is updated using a telegram group where you can find the link on the ‘Resource’ sheet:

Anyone from May or April 2022 with a pending PERM ? (no audit)