Current PERM Processing Time 2024 (Check Case Status)

almost 1 year for perm approval? DOL proceed that long

Did you receive any Update?

Not yet I haven’t received any update.

My receipt date is March 8th 2023. Per this site, it is saying that March/April cases are being processed. Did anyone from Feb or March 2023 receipt date get approvals.

sou de fevereiro 23, ate agora sem noticias

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any update till now about Jan 23

Hello, Did you receive any update? Mine was filed on Jan 19, 2023. I am still waiting for an update. When I asked my Attorney, she said the processing time has changed. It is now 12-16 months. Please respond here if you get any update. I will do the same.
Thank you!

I have filled 9th Feb 2023 still pending any one received during this date near by?

seems like the data is old. When will they update this?

Perm submitted Jan 26, 2023 and approved 02/28/2024. Good luck guys!!!


My PERM got approved on Feb 26th.

When you have filled?

I filed on 15 March 2023 , Approved April 3rd 2024 just shy of 13 Months - Good luck with PERM everybody!

Perm on 10th Aug 2023 . So Guys, when Can I expect my PERM Approval ?

Perm Submitted on 10th Aug 2023 . So Guys, when Can I expect my PERM Approval ?