Currently I am in L1B visa. H1B Lottery my name selected this year

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Recently, I got my L1B Visa and rightnow i am in USA. H1B lottery also selected for me.
Is there any options such as utilize the existing L1B visa 3 Years. In the Mean time, Enable the H1B Visa petition process and retain after 3 Years shall i proceed to L to H conversion instead of L1B extension.
My organization is not grant immediate L to H conversion. Is there any option such as retain receipt number or retain H1B petition approved and after 3 years instead of L1 Extension. I will proceed with L to H conversion using the above documents.

Please how to handle like this situation and advise here. Provide clear options also.

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Selvakumar. V

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Why would your organization not allow you to change to H1B if they have filed one?

When they file H1B, ask them to select COS option and then you will automatically move to H1B on approval.

Hello Anil,

Currently, I have fresh L1B visa with valid for 3 years. I am in USA right now. My organisation trying to utilize that visa. Ist any possible way to retain the selected lottery until 3 years.

Please provide you advise on this.

Please help on this matter.

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I am not sure what the logic is behind using L1 for three years and then changing to H1B. Note that when you change from L1 to H1B, any L1 term already used will be counted against the H1B 6 years term. For e.g. is you used 5 years of L1B and then switch to H1B you may only get one more year of H1B unless you have approved I-140 for AC21 extensions beyond 6 years term.

If you are on L1A and wish to get PR, being on L1A and filling green card can fast track the green card process as there is almost no backlog as compared to H1B queue.

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