Currently living in the USA and thinking about applying for PR in Australia

I am currently living in the USA and thinking about applying for PR in Australia.
Green card applications in the USA almost take a decade to process for most of the Indians

Here is a snapshot of what I am thinking in terms of points that I could have:
Age: 30
Language: 10 expected
Employment Outside Australia: 10-15
Education: 15
Spouse Skills Points: 5 (depends)
Expected points: 65 to 75

However my only concern is that I have been a Project Manager for the majority of my career. It is there on the STSOL list whereas my wife even who has less work experience has her profession listed on the MLTSSL list.

Here are the ANZSCO codes:
ANZSCO code 2613-13 for Software Engineer
ANZSCO code 1351-12 for ICT Project Manager
ANZSCO code 2611-11 for ICT Business Analyst

Would really appreciate if someone could answer the following queries that I had:

  • Can I apply for the Skilled Independent 189 even though that my profession is not listed in the main list? I believe for the Skilled Nominated 190 visa, you need a state nomination.
  • Are there states where my skillset might be in demand. How do I approach those states
  • There is a profession called ICT Business Analyst which is also very close to what I have done in my professional career. This profession is also listed on the MLTSSL list.
    Would you recommend that I try that route or do I need to still need to apply as Project Manager
  • Is it better to apply with my wife being the main applicant

Skilled 189 Visa can only be applied if your job is listed

You can only apply for Skilled 189 visa if your Job code is listed in any one of the list.

189 and 190 state PR can be filed at same time

You file one Australia EOI (Expression of interest) and then select the choices like 190, 190, 489 or all three for which you want your profile to be considered.

If you have enough points (usually the highest in your job code category), your chances of getting invite are higher.

Any state may invite you based on your points and the demand in your job code.

Business Analyst vs Project Manager

Please note that your work experience will be assessed based on what is written in your work experience letter with respect to what work you have performed.

So, if you choose Business Analyst job code, all your experience that matches business analyst will be considered ‘relevant’ and all your project manager experience will be marked ‘non-relevant’.

You do not get any points for ‘non-relevant’ work experience.

So, choose the job code very carefully and wisely to make sure you can fetch maximum number of years of relevant experience.

Is it better to apply with my wife being the main applicant

It depends on who can fetch more points with their profile. Use this Australia points calculator to find your points.