Cut-off points about Civil Engineering Draft Person 312211

Hi Mr. Anil

Are the points on this website for all jobs accurate?

The skill select updates from the immi website only appear to list the points required for approx 8 jobs in the last invitation round.

My job, 312211: Civil Engineering Draftsperson, shows as 85 points (2019 June round) on this website but I have been unable to confirm via an official source. : where did you get the 85 point info from?

When i calculate my points, it’s around 70.

Are there any possibility to reject my Visa?


Hi @Amilarr2012

The points requirement are expected to come down starting July 2019 draw.

The cut-off points given are from official Australia draw result page.

I really concern about the total points, what i have at the moment. I’m confusing to apply the visa, because the total visa fee is soaring. So i need to take the Clear picture of the cut-off points. Because i have to apply the visa within 70 point scheme, mostly it will not invited by the Aussie government.

If it’s happen accordingly, my money will be wasted…

On my Visa consultant, they said, the visa rejecting percentage is very low in the applying category,

What i have to do Mr. Anil…

You have to pay the Australia visa fee only when you get the invite.

If you are concerned about the costs, you can do the whole process yourself and save agent fees.

If you don’t apply, you cannot even get an invite.

So, its your choice if you want to give it a try or not.

What is the chance for getting invited for 190 visa with 70 points?
ANZSCO code : 312211, civil draft person

Hi @Anjaly

Chances are low with 70 points at this time.

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Is there any difference between 190, I am working in Queensland, I am postgraduate alumni and I am offshore options??
Is there any preference for 190 visa for those who are already working in the state full time ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Anjaly

Yes, states do prefer candidates who are already working on that state.

I’ve loged EOI on 08/05/2019 . I’ve got 75 pts in 189 & 80 pts in 190 for 312212 Civil Engineering Technician category.

Do I’ve any chance to get or when can I expect my invitation ?


Hi @Amila_Nimantha_Gamag

I do not have any estimate for your case at this time.

what are the chances for getting invitation for civil engineering draft person 312211 with 75 points before Nov 16 and 80 points after Nov 16?