Damaged Passport Renewal in the USA

Hi All,

I am seeking advice on a passport renewal situation. My passport expires in April 2024 and I had applied for a renewal with the Houston Consulate but the passport was recently returned by VFS Global marked as damaged. The damage is minor (I don’t think it is damage at all) and my passport remains fully functional. I’ve even traveled with this passport recently without any issues.

However, VFS requires I now renew my passport under the ‘Damaged Passport’ category.

My main concern is that I have a valid F1 student visa inside this passport that does not expire until 2026. The visa pages themselves are in perfect condition with no damage.

If I renew my passport and get a new one issued, will my existing visa be impacted?
I had these queries:
1. Does the issuance of a new passport due to damage impact the validity of my current F1 student visa?
2. Upon receiving my new passport, will the old (damaged) passport, housing the valid visa, be returned to me?
3. Assuming the old passport is returned, will I still be able to utilize the F1 visa within to enter the U.S., in tandem with my new passport?

Appreciate any insights on this situation from folks who have gone through similar passport renewals. Want to make sure my student visa remains valid when I receive my renewed passport.

Thank you!



Yes, if Visa is not damaged and valid (in conjunction with your passport not being substantially damaged visibly)

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