Date format on annexure E and self sworn affidavit ? ddmmyy or mmddyy?

For the date format, shall I stick with MM/DD/YY or shall I do DD/MM/YY for fields like DOB in annexure E and data on self sworn affidavit ?

I put it as, example: APR 5, 2020.

Just to avoid all confusions.

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Should the Annexure E date be the arrival to US date or the date that pertains to that address? The previous CKGS website used to autofill this field to date of arrival to US (Passport renewal - change in appearance affidavit, Annexure E form - Immigration forums for visa, green card, visitors insurance, OCI and more)

@Protyush_Sahu - thanks! I did the same.

@avghs - I filled in the date pertaining to my current residential address. But I am still waiting for confirmation from them.

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thanks @Shaleen_Somani