Date of birth change in H1, I140 etc


My Date of birth is incorrect in all documents except birth certificate. I realize that birth certificate is an important document and needs to match other documents while submitting the application for I-485. Having said that, I decided to correct all my documents(including passport, SSN etc…) to match to by birth certificate.

(Correcting birth certificate is kind of not possible). Does any one has any similar experiences and can share the process to

  1. Update the Indian passport with correct date of birth and
  2. Steps to be followed after the Indian passport is updated like amendment of the H1b etc…


Hi @barrons

You need to apply for correction in passport first. Once you get it fixed, you will need to file H1B amendment and then i140 and other such applications.

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Thanks Anil! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Hi Anil,

Just talked to my attorney about the amendment and he is of the opinion that an amendment is required only for material changes and a change in name or date of birth doesn’t qualify.

He said we can update these the next time I submit an extension.

I have followed up with him on the SSN and DL changes which would need an updated I-797A/I-94 for which he is yet to respond.

Do you have any thoughts around this ?


Hi @barrons

I do not understand as to what exactly are you asking.

@Anil.Gupta As per your first comment , an amendment is required for i797 after the passport is updated with the correct DOB but my attorney said it is not needed as an amendment is required only for a material change.

Just trying to understand the consequences if I dont amend my i797. one thing I can think about is that my employer would update the correct DOB in their system and it can be a problem while filing taxes if the SSN is not updated

Hi @barrons

If your attorney is okay with not filing amendment, then you can avoid it.

Hi Barrons have corrected your passport DOB. I’m in same situation. Can please provide details


I recently changed Place of Birth in my passport.

Here are the steps:

  1. VFS needs an approval from emabssy to process any passort application that needs DOB/POB changes
  2. Write a Email to your respective embassy get an approval for change in data of birth
  3. You should receive an email back from embassy to fill out an questionnaire and you will have to send back the questionnaire filled and corresponding documents asked for via Email. In my case they asked for the documents I submitted during the initial passport request(10 yrs back)
  4. Once the embassy reviews your questionnaire response, they would respond back with approval(if that is the case) to submit your application to VFS
  5. you will have to send this approval Email copy , questionnaire submitted and along with other required documents to VFS via physical mail

Hope this helps!

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I think place of Birth is easier. Was it same state or different. When was it done and which consulate? Thanks for the reply. Can u please mail to

The questionnaire shared with me was the same one for DOB and POB changes. So, I do not think the initial request is different but the embassy approval process and required documents may vary.

Mine is SFO and done some time in Dec 2020 under VFS processing.

oh ok. Mine is Houston consulate. May I know if the change in Place of birth is from same district or different state/country? Thanks for your replies.Very helpful

It’s with in the same state and district but different towns that are 10 miles apart.

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Thanks for the info.

Please share consulate/embassy email address.

Hello - Have you applied for date of birth change? I am in the same boat.
Let me know your experience.


Trying to do it . Can u email to
Will share details there

I recently changed my DOB and POB in my passport. If you have enough supporting document , it. is easy process. It hardly take 30 working days to get the new passport with update personal details. I have applied through Washington, DC.

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@barrons Did you updated your DOB in SSN ? Can you please share your experience?

@Sirish43 Please go through your consulate website contact Us Page and email them with them with. the details. They may ask you to send the scanned copy of your supporting documents.

Changes on SSN will require a new i94 which would require travel or extension with updated visa/petition.