Denial letter as Company not giving Employee reference letter

As per new ACS guidelines, if company doesn’t agree to give roles and responsibilities letter, we can arrange for statutory declaration but along with that an explanation will be required from your employer on official company letterhead as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided.

My employer is not agreeing to give this also on letterhead. Please suggest some advices.

Hi @hloomba

At this time, ACS is not accepting anything as a substitute. I will share as soon as i get to hear anything.

did anyone hear anything on this? going back to current employer for skill letter will complicate matters.

Hi Anil, Is there an alternative identified ? please advise. Thanks

ACS is just denying the applications with reason as “insufficient documentation” if you don’t provide docs.

I have not heard of any substitute yet.

Thanks for your response…Do they agree company email for refusal?

I don’t know. If that’s the only option you have, then try it.

Please also suggest if company is shut and only statutory declaration is the only option in which it’s mentioned that company is shut now.

That should work if the company has shut down.