Did anyone receive H1b stamping recently (post August 2020)?

Wondering if any of the H1Bs were able to successfully get a visa stamped post August 2020? I am wondering if 221G is a norm now or if consulates are processing H1Bs as they would normally.

@anil_am22, have you heard anything? Would love to hear about some experiences.

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I got a 221(g), consulate asked me to submit an employment vacancy letter. Letter has been submitted.
Has anybody received a communication (recently) back from consulate on 221(g)s?

I received h1b stamping via Dropbox without 221g on Sept 8.

Thats good @Abhisheke_Jain!
Where did you drop your documents (which city)? How long have you been in US?

New Delhi.

I have been in US for 11 years.

Okie. Congrats again!
I have been in US for more than 10 years myself. VO must have seen something on my application then…

Hey @Abhisheke_Jain what are the pre-requisites to be eligible for a Dropbox appointment? Are these emergency appointments for H-1B stamping?

No Dropbox is not emergency appointment.

If your last stamping expired in the last 24 months then I r eligible for drop box.

There is a Dropbox eligibility app on am22tech

Happy to report that things moved fast, luckily and I was asked to resubmit the passport. Got my stamped passport yesterday and will be planning travel soon.

How long is it taking to receive reply from consulate to submit passport after submitting 221g documents.
I was asked to submit letters that my presence is still needed (previous letters from Feb).
3 weeks since I emailed documents to chennai consulate and eagerly waiting for reply.

In my case, I was asked to submit a letter stating ongoing vacancy. My employer submitted the letter electronically and I received a request to submit passport within 2 days. And about 10 (calendar days) for the stamped passport.

Current h1b stamping drop box process time?

How long did you have to wait for a dropbox appointment? I’m seeing currently its show the earliest appointment is in March 2021.

I was able to get a Dropbox appointment for 4th sep and I scheduled it on 31 Aug.

I received my stamped passport on 7th aug

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I am not sure how the current situation is, but when i tried in September, ample appointments were available. This might be because of low volume of acceptance at that point.
It’s unfortunate if the Dropbox appointments are not available until March next year. Lot of people will lose the eligibility because of 24 months rule expiring by end of this year.

Sorry forgot to add, processing time varies depending on the type of employment. If you work on EVC model, then the verification is done with your end client and that might be time taking.