Different ASC center for Biometrics

Can I go to a different ASC center for biometrics as the ASC center specified in my notice is far from my place around 10 hrs drive.

I wanted to do this in Nashville. Does Nashville ASC center allows this kind of requests.

I have appointment date on 25th April in Naperville ,IL.

I want to go to Nashvillle office. Please let me know.

I think you have to re-schedule your Biometric appointment to the center of your choice before visiting the center.

Talk to your attorney and file for re-scheduling.

Hi Prasenjit,
Could you please update me what you have done in your case? I am also in IL but want to schedule biometric in NJ because by that time i will be in NJ.

Hi @babai_ujjal

Many people have reported that they are able to visit local ASC center with their H4 biometric appointment letter and the local center is taking their fingerprints.

They were able to get it done without re-scheduling the appointment.

I have shared their experience here:

@Anil.Gupta Thanks for your reply Anil. It really helps.
Also If I do not get hard copy of the Appointment letter from USCIS (because by that time I will not be at my current address and in I539 form I mentioned my current addr), will I able to get the letter online ? or Its better to submit ‘Change of Address’ form online to get the letter at my new address ?

The biometric appointment letter is not available online.

It is better to submit address change on USCIS website.

Also, use the USPS mail forwarding service to make sure all mails are diverted to your new address.

H1B and H4 extension filed in premium. 26th Marc. RFE 8th APril.
RFE reply 11th April
Approved H1b 12th April
H4 biometrics notice mail received 16th April .However there is no track of the case. Case dosnt show up when i search with receipt number
Biometrics was scheduled in a different location.

Called USCIS. Level2 officer called back after 3 hrs and told biometrics can be done in any ASC in US on the date mentioned in the notice.

However we went on 18th April. early morning in nashville ASC for biometrics with notice paper and passport
No questions asked. All done in 20 mins. not busy at all.
just asked for alien number which in our case was not applicable.

What are the next steps after biometrics. as H4 was filed with premium H1b , does it speed up process for h4. Not sure.
IF not, my wife’s h4 ends on 16th June. Can she stay if the case is pending after biometrics

Hi @prasenjit_maity

You wife can stay in USA after expiry of her currrent i94 as you have filed H4 extention before its expiry.

We are expecting that USCIS would approve the new H4 after biometric in 3-15 days as you have filed in premium. But, we are yet to see the cases where it does happen.

Do let us know the date if this happens as we are tracking 2 cases at this time and will share their update once their H4 is approved.