Different i94 expiration date on website vs on i797a (COS H1b to H-4)

Hi Anil,

I was on H1B until June of 2018 and was laid off. Hence I applied H4 visa based on my wife’s H1B visa (has an approved i-140) and subsequently received my H4 EAD valid until 1st June of 2020. My i797a form also shows an expiry date of June 1st, 2020 and same expiry date is mentioned on the bottom section of the page (i.e., the paper I-94).

Whereas upon checking the I-94 website: I94 - Official Website I’m seeing a different date. Assuming a US date format, the ‘Admit Until Date’ is set to 02/06/2020 i.e., February 6th 2020.

I’ve the following queries:
1.) How could I have two I-94s with different expiry dates?
2.) Is it possible that there could’ve been an error on the online system? I’m not sure if they swapped 06/02/2020 (June 2nd) and put it as 02/06/2020 (Feb 6th)
3.) What can I do in this scenario? I obviously would like the online system to reflect the same expiry date like that of the paper I-94? Is there any way I can appeal for a correction or do I have to leave the US and come back to get the correct date?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Edit: After writing this post, I went back and reviewed my passport pages. Coincidentally, I also found a ‘Admit Until date’ of 02/06/2020 on my passport seal next to my last H1B stamp. My H1B’s expiry was set to 27th January 2020. I’m guessing that’s why the online system shows an expiry of 02/06/2020 (February 6th). I did go out of country for my H1B stamping back then and came back in (April 2018).

So now the question becomes:

A.) Which I-94 is valid? Is it the online system’s (which I’m assuming is based out of my last H1B Stamp) or the newly issued paper I-94 based on my H-4 EAD.

Please let me know. Sorry for multiple questions.

As long as you have the paper i94 attached to your i797 approval, you are fine and the date printed on it governs your legal status.

You can get the online CBP i94 record corrected by visiting your nearest CBP office located at international airport terminal. They have special windows to specifically correct i94 errors.

Visit there with your i797 and paper i94 and they will fix it in their system if its actually a mistake.

Thanks for your prompt feedback. Hope you saw my ‘edited’ post. Do I still have to visit the nearest CBP office and initiate changes so the I-94 reflects the paper expiry date as per my H-4 EAD?

The most recent i94 issued is considered valid.

It is okay if the most recent one is the paper i94 attached to i797 and it is not reflected online.

Excellent. Thanks for clarifying.

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