Do I have to notarize Annexure E and Self Sworn Affidavit?

Somewhere on this forum I read we also need to notarize Annex E and Self Sworn Affidavit. Is that correct? Because I don’t see this mentioned in the checklist.


Annex E - Need not be notarized

Self Sworn Affidavit - This has been dropped from the requirement (as per latest checklist). In the past when it was needed, it didn’t require notarization.

Thank you so much, Pankaj. I think someone should update this link
Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents) - USA so people can avoid notarizing unnecessary documents

Although @Diwedy answer is correct by all means, I would still suggest notarizing as VFS guidelines are not consistent.

You don’t want to waste time resending the documents just for a notary stamp.


I concur with @anil_am22. No one can be sure of what VFS is going to ask for. Their requirements are all over the place.

Just checking if people are still submitting Self Sworn Affidavit as it has been removed from checklist?

Also from checklist-
“INDIAN ADDRESS (Self-Attested Copy)
Applicants must write their Indian address / last known Indian address in the Passport Application Form. This could be in either the ‘To be
printed on Passport’ or ‘Other Address Details’ columns or the same Indian address can be mentioned in both the columns.”

I hope we don’t need to write explicitly in passport application form as we had already given it while completing the application form.

Please confirm.


Yes, to be on safe side it is better to submit self sworn affidavit.
US address or India address has to be mentioned in the government application form that you fill online on passport seva

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