Do I need to change address on my passport for indian PCC?

My current address is different from my passport address… Do I need to change address on my passport for PCC?
Also, no one lives at the address mentioned in my passport because we relocated, so police verification will happen on that address also or I just have to do my PCC using current address and not worry about my address mentioned in passport?

Kindly help as I need my PCC for Visa processing.

No need to change address on passport but if you use current address proof, then passport office will do physical police verification at current address before issuing PCC.

Hi Anil, I wish it would work the way you said to not change the address on passport.
Actually when I checked the passport seva website, it says that

Is applicant’s present personal particulars have changed in Passport and address different from that in the existing passport?
If yes then,

For applicants whose details in current PCC Application form are different than the Passport held then they have to apply for re-issue of the passport with changed/current particulars as provided in the PCC application form and a fresh Police Verification report may be generated. Only after re-issue of passport with changed/existing particulars, the PCC application against such reissued passport may be processed

Can you please give your views? It would be really helpful.

I have the same issue. Nobody stays at the Address mentioned on my passport. I have sold that property. Its not my current or permanent address.
At the current place (India) I am staying for more than a year and I have registered rental agreement also.

Hello Anil,

I am also having the same issue, I need a Pcc but I am not staying in address as I mentioned in passport. Please let me know if you have any idea on whether I have to get it re issued for PCC.

Yes, You need to first change the address in your passport and then apply for PCC. The PSK will not issue you a PCC unless your current address matches with your passport address.

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HI Raghuram

Me too had the same issue.i needed pcc,when i am applying the passport for re issue,passport officer told that no need to apply for re issue if your current address is not the same mentioned in your passport .

So you can apply for pcc without changing the current address in your passport.

Dear All, Can you please advise if finally we need to get the new address updated in our passport or can we get it done at the previous address? The passport authority website still mentions you need to get it changed