Do I need to do ACS again to add increased work experience?

Hello guys,

I have multiple EOIs applied, and since then my experience has gone up and I’ll get 5 pts more for it.

Do I have to apply for ACS again to get these 5 pts added to my profile? My ACS will expired in Jan 2022.

Also, what are the chances right now of getting invites under 189 for ICT security specialist with 85 points?

I am offshore. . living in UAE, indian citizen.


E0*******380 - 190 - 85


E00*******325 - 190 - 85

South Australia

EOI Initially Submitted On: 11/02/2020
EOI Last Submitted On: 11/02/2020

E0*******756 - 190 - 85

Western Australia

EOI Initially Submitted On: 06/02/2020
EOI Last Submitted On: 06/02/2020

E0*******743 - v189 - v190 -v491


EOI Initially Submitted On: 25/01/2020
EOI Last Submitted On: 25/01/2020

Whatever points you claim for professional exp has to be assessed by the relevant skill assessment authority.

Being offshore at 85 points, chances of receiving an invite are close to none (At least in this FY). Sad but true.

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Hi Pooja,

I already have an assessment from ACS done in 2019.

The following was my latest job experience in that assessment.

Dates: 09/17 - 11/19 - 2 year(s) 3 month(s)
Position: Security Consultant
Country: Outside Of Australia

However, I have currently been with the same company and job role and want to update the dates to 11-SEP-2017 - 11-SEP-2021(4 years).

This brings my total experience to 5 yrs and so I can claim 5 additional points.

I read somewhere they update the experience by just emailing them.

This will bring me to 85 points.

Also, what do you think of passing the NAATI CCL translator exam as well, which brings me to 90 points, does 90 points have a good chance with 189 or maybe I’ll go for 190 with 95 points then.

Also, ICT security(cybersecurity) seems to be in demand, so maybe that will be considered as well?


If this is how it works, then go ahead and please do it.

Again, nobody can tell you when DHA will start entertaining OFFSHORE applications. It could be tomorrow, a month later or maybe in another year. What can be predicted is that its not going to be soon. So, if you have time (and patience-important) and don’t see any reduction in your overall points for a year or so, then no harm in waiting.

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